Crematorium and Cemetery Fees

Cemeteries hold a special place in our hearts as they provide a final resting place for our loved ones. Birmingham, West Bromwich, and Sandwell are home to several serene cemeteries, each with its own unique charm and history.

Brandwood End Cemetery 

in Birmingham is a peaceful haven surrounded by beautiful greenery. It offers a tranquil atmosphere for reflection and remembrance. The cemetery is known for its well-maintained grounds and stunning memorials, making it a fitting place to honor the memories of those who have passed.

Handsworth Cemetery

also located in Birmingham, holds a significant place in the local community. With its rich history dating back to the 19th century, this cemetery is a testament to the city's heritage. Its picturesque surroundings provide solace to visitors, allowing them to find comfort in the memories of their loved ones.

Key Hill Cemetery 

is another notable burial ground in Birmingham. Established in the 1830s, it has become an integral part of the city's cultural landscape. The cemetery is renowned for its Victorian architecture and unique monuments, making it a fascinating place to explore and pay respects to those who have departed.

Witton Cemetery

 in Birmingham is a tranquil space that offers solace to grieving families. Nestled amidst nature, it provides a serene environment for contemplation and remembrance. The cemetery's well-manicured lawns and peaceful ambiance make it a comforting place to visit and honor the memories of loved ones.

Moving on to West Bromwich, we find Heath Lane Cemetery. This burial ground offers a serene and dignified resting place for those who have passed away. Its well-tended gardens and peaceful surroundings create a comforting atmosphere for visitors to find solace and pay their respects.

Sandwell Valley Crematorium and Cemetery

 is a place of both remembrance and celebration of life. Located in West Bromwich, it provides a tranquil setting for families to bid farewell to their loved ones. The crematorium offers modern facilities and a peaceful environment, ensuring that the final farewell is conducted with utmost respect and dignity.

In Sandwell, we have Rowley Regis Cemetery, a place where memories are cherished and loved ones are remembered. This peaceful cemetery provides a serene environment for reflection and remembrance. Its well-kept grounds and thoughtful design make it a fitting place to honor the lives of those who have passed away.

Tipton Cemetery

 in Sandwell is a place of solace and tranquility. Surrounded by nature, it offers a serene atmosphere for visitors to find comfort and pay their respects. The cemetery's peaceful surroundings provide a gentle reminder of the eternal bond between the living and the departed.

Lastly, we have West Bromwich Cemetery, which holds a special place in the hearts of the local community. With its peaceful ambiance and well-maintained grounds, it offers a serene setting for remembrance and reflection. This cemetery serves as a testament to the enduring love and memories shared with those who have left us.

In conclusion, Birmingham, West Bromwich, and Sandwell are home to a variety of cemeteries and crematoriums that provide peaceful resting places for our loved ones. These sacred grounds offer solace, reflection, and a chance to honor the memories of those who have departed. Whether it's the historical significance, beautiful surroundings, or modern facilities, each cemetery has its own unique charm that ensures a dignified farewell for our loved ones.

Birmingham City Council Lodge Hill, Yardley and Sutton Crematorium Sandwell Rowley Regis & Sandwell Valley Crematorium
Cremation fee (full service) £833 Cremation Fee (full service) £829
Extended time £303 Extended Time £157
Visual Tribute £70 Visual Tribute £70
Birmingham City Council Quinton, Lodge Hill, Yardley, Kings Norton, Witton and Handsworth Cemeteries For residents of Birmingham Non-resident of Birmingham
New Grave Fee £2,270.00 £
Interment Fee per person £1,065.00 £
Sandwell Rowley Regis, Thimblemill, Heath Lane, Oldbury, Uplands, Fallings Heath, Tipton Cemetery For residents of Sandwell Non-resident of Sandwell
New Lawn Grave for 1 person £2,127.00 £2,765.00
New Lawn Grave for 2 person £2,209.00 £2,872.00
New Lawn Grave for 3 person £2,289.00 £2,976.00
Interment Fee £1,140.00 £1,482.00